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Babies love white noise. They're used to it. Before making their entrance into the world, babies are surrounded by the reassuring hum of human life...your beating heart, the sound of the blood rushing around your body, the rhythmic in and out of your breath creates a comforting sound.

Once born, your little one suddenly finds himself in a world of unfamiliar noises or silence, leaving him feeling vulnerable and alone. No wonder your baby isn't sleeping.

How Tranqui® helps:

Tranqui® creates a reassuring, womb-like atmosphere that soothes your restless baby. encouraging him to settle and fall asleep faster. The familiar sound selections on Tranqui® provide comfort and familiarity, drowning the outside world during vulnerable phases of sleep.

What makes Tranqui® unique?

  • Six gentle sound selections to suit your baby - fetal heartbeat, white noise, rain, lullaby, shush and ocean
  • Cry Activated Sensor - babies naturally move in and out of deep sleep cycles so during those 'sleep arousal' phases where baby may wake, Tranqui® is cry activated to turn back on.
  • Automatic Sleep Mode - turns off after 30 minutes of continuous sound.
  • Lightweight and Portable - attaches to a cot, bassinet, stroller or car seat using the handy clip provided.
  • Easy to use dial operation - in a world full of complicated devices, Calm-a is super easy to use...simply turn the dial.
  • USB-chargeable - no need for batteries.

The Specs:

  • Powered: USB chargeable (charger cable supplied)
  • Sound settings: six different sound settings
  • Automatic switch off after 30 minutes (not designed to run continuously) 
  • Size: 10 cm high
  • Colour: white/grey
  • Brand: MOOSE
  • Instructions provided
  • Six month warranty

Ana T.   2021/04/09
It was packaged well and everything works great, also came in super fast.
Jacob S.   2021/04/09
arrived in 3 days

Mason T.   2021/04/10
It was packaged well and everything works great, also came in super fast.

Noah P.    2021/04/10
Have not yet tested product, but has arrived in perfect condition and with all components. The product arrived very quickly. Very excited to try it out, will update if anything does not work as expected.

Liam M.   2021/04/11
I haven’t used it for long, but it is about what I expected. The product is good quality and has premium packaging and accessories. I was most impressed with how quickly it arrived. I ordered it on a Thursday and it was in my hands by the following Wednesday.